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Organizing Services

Our helpful Organizing experts recognize that every person is unique, and strive to provide an individualized approach tailored specifically to your needs. They will work with you in the way best suited for your situation – room-by-room or all at once – so you can determine which items should be donated, sold, handed down or recycled.

Local Organizing Services

If you’re ready to de-clutter your important spaces or add customized storage features, we are the perfect partner for this task! Let’s start creating an organized atmosphere that works for you.

Why Use Apex Wipe

We use eco-friendly solutions and equipment to minimize our impact on the environment. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Organizing Services for Healthy Living

Our experienced consultants are sympathetic to the difficulty of letting go and strive to assist you in an organized fashion. We work with clients on a room-by-room basis, evaluating which items should be donated, sold, passed down or recycled.

We take the hassle out of organizing and help you make the most of your belongings

You don't have to do it alone, we're here to help

We're organized and sympathetic, making the process easier for you

We work on a room by room basis so you know what will happen to each item

Friendly & Courteous Service

No Gimmicks- No Hidden Costs

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

Yes, we can assess over the phone. We may ask you to send us some photos of your area in need and give you a rough estimate on what needs to happen.


We’ll put the area through a thorough transformation process, sorting items into categories and presenting them to you for decisions. Soon you’ll be left with only those pieces that suit your lifestyle best – all organized in perfect harmony!


Despite each project’s unique requirements, professional organizers are adept at completing tasks quickly and efficiently. But for more complex scenarios with bigger objectives, enlisting the help of multiple specialists may be necessary to achieve ideal results.

How much do services cost?

You can get a carpet cleaning estimate by calling us at 727-287-9191. A technician is then scheduled to come to your home and give you a written quote and potentially begin the job.

Do you clean upholstery?

Our company specializes in cleaning upholstery. We clean Couches, Chairs, Sectionals, Mattresses, Headboards.

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