Apex Wipe Has a 10 Step Cleaning Process

At Apex Wipe Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to offer Clearwater’s most meticulous carpet cleaning service. Our 10-step process provides extraordinary results that will leave your carpets looking brand new! From the initial inspection and furniture removal through grooming and final review, each step is meticulously followed for guaranteed satisfaction. Let us show you why our unique approach sets us apart from all other carpet cleaners in Florida; please contact us today for more information about this exclusive experience!

STEP 1: Pre – inspection

Our experienced crew will arrive at your home to conduct a pre-inspection. They’ll provide you with an overview of the services we’re about to perform, and give you ample opportunity for questions. Rest assured that any areas of concern are our priority – please be sure to highlight them so we can answer all your queries!

STEP 2: Pre-vacuum areas if needed

It is essential to pre-vacuum homes with excessive pet hair. Even if there are no pets present, this precautionary step can be beneficial in the overall cleaning process.

10 Step Cleaning Process

STEP 3: Move any furniture that may be required

Our professional technicians will ensure that any furniture in your home is safely moved and relocated during the cleaning process. We’ll walk you through exactly what needs to be taken care of before we get started, however they may not move entertainment centers or computer desks for insurance purposes. Once cleaned, everything will go back where it belongs with plastic blocks under each leg – these should stay here until drying is complete in 2-3 days time so as to protect your carpet from damage.

STEP 4: Pre-spray and spot treat when needed

Our customer-centric technicians put their expertise to work, utilizing the most effective spotting agents for each individual stain. Our pre-spray is an industry leading dirt emulsifier that goes beyond surface cleaning; it works deep within carpet fibers to loosen and raise ground in dirt particles – delivering superior results every time!

STEP 5: Extract and rinse

Our technicians are highly trained to provide top-notch carpet cleaning, using hot water extraction and the proper wand stroke technique. Our crew leader will also monitor all system settings during this process for maximum results – guaranteeing that you always get a quality clean from peak equipment performance!

STEP 6: Post spot treatment if needed

Ensuring a carpet is as clean and fresh-looking as possible requires certain areas to be given special attention. Spot treatment may need to be carried out multiple times when necessary, in order for us to guarantee the best results. When faced with tough stains and spots that are difficult remove, our professionals will go above and beyond by making every effort imaginable until they have achieved maximum satisfaction!

STEP 7: Apply protector and/or deodorizer

Carpets are beautiful, but delicate. They can suffer from permanent staining and wear if protector isn’t applied– a step that’s often overlooked after even the best cleaning job! Fortunately, it is recommended by most manufacturers to apply either protector or deodorizer as an added layer of protection against odor-causing bacteria. So not only will your carpets be protected long term – they’ll come with a satisfyingly fresh finish too.

STEP 8: Speed dry

Customers can enjoy shortened drying times by utilizing our high speed commercial blowers. Our technicians strategically place these at each area that has been cleaned and are equipped to handle an additional placement for areas requiring extra attention. We ensure customer satisfaction with this added step and caution about breakables in the path of the fan, as its strength is capable of knocking over small items (Not always needed). 

STEP 9: Grooming

Our grooming process is the ultimate finishing touch to our cleaning services – it reduces drying time, adds a layer of deodorizer or protector into your carpets and seals in chemicals for long lasting results. 

STEP 10: Final inspection with customer

Our customers can be sure that the job is done to their satisfaction. After each clean, a crew leader walks through every room in-depth and takes note of any problem areas so they do not go unnoticed. With stains being especially hard to remove we make it our mission that no stain goes untreated; whether or not this was successful will be explicitly stated on your invoice for full transparency. If needed, some spots may need further treatments after about 30 days which we can book during your regular scheduled cleaning session with us!

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