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Our Introduction

Welcome To Apex Wipe

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Aiming to be the leader in carpet cleaning & diversified cleaning.

Apex Wipe has you covered for all your deep-cleaning and restoration needs. From carpets to upholstery, from area rugs to pressure washing – whatever the task, we have the perfect solution for restoring cleanliness and comfort in any space!

In addition, our experienced team is also well-equipped with skills and equipment necessary to tackle junk removal services quickly yet carefully.

Apex Wipe is a revolutionary cleaning business started by a group of like-minded people that came together to provide a service that makes an impact and encourages people to spend quality time together with their loved ones in clean and pristine environments.

We are a cleaning business driven by our values to provide trustworthy and reliable service that is second to none. Simply put – we handle it all for you and are here to make living easier by adopting better cleaning practices.

Taking care of cleaning your upholstery and flooring is definitely a struggle for everyone, but having a professional service to do that job for you ensures you start your day on a good note.

Set out with a core mission: the way we serve must be good for our clients, our employees, and equally for our community.

In modern times, it is very important to get value for money. We strive to help you extract the maximum value out of your carpet. That is why Apex Wipe is your one-stop solution for a clean and healthy home. We use the best equipment, top-quality products, and innovative techniques to deliver the best results for your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning method is combined with high-quality stain removers when requested, ensuring that your carpets are left looking and smelling great. We make sure all our solutions are child and pet friendly, taking away your worry about having harmful chemicals around.

Absolutely, you imagine the best solutions, delivered flawlessly. It goes without saying. With us, you’ll also get the best customer service paired with the best experience without you having to overdo your budget.

Not only do we provide quality but also propose the best viable rates in the business. We accept as true our growth is a direct result of solving our esteemed clients’ challenges at competitive rates. With a devoted professional team, and proven, and dependable processes, we ensure the best solutions at the best cost to ensure you experience the best.

Our promise is affordability, safety, and quality as we are proud of each service we deliver, and the innumerable hours that go behind mastering them- so you never have to wonder twice.

We serve so you can have one less chore to care about, and one more reason to feel great about. Having devoted specialists takes away the need for the people to manage it and blesses them with peace of mind knowing our laser-sharp focus.

We welcome you to our website and we expect you’ll see that the services we offer meet your unique needs. Apex Wipe is more than just a company – it’s our ambition for a better, cleaner, and healthier ecosystem.

How It Works

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Apex Wipe is a professional carpet cleaning company that takes pride in its work.

We provide carpet cleaning services to both residential and commercial locations and only send employee’s – we don’t sub contract your work. This allows us to be more attentive to our customers’ needs and ensure the job is done right. We care about our customers and want them to be happy with their experience, so we aim to be the best carpet cleaning company in Clearwater.

Core Values: We value P.E.O.P.L.E


To be like a family and serve our purpose to deliver quality and superior service while staying with our customers throughout the process, driving extravagant experiences.


Our customers and employees are the keys to our actions as we strive to ensure equality above all so that everyone is treated alike, irrespective of religion, gender, and ethnicity.


We stay resolute to deliver quality and ensure the best possible experience. Apex Wipe focuses on enabling the full potential of our expertise with state-of-the-art equipment and originality in techniques as we deliver nothing but the best.


Proactively knowing what our customer’s value occurs within the framework of our core values as we positively construct and deliver the best experiences to make them happy. We excel in a spirit of responsibility and teamwork.


We adopt the highest standards by consistent demonstration of leadership and devotion to our customer’s needs in solving challenges that others were unable to.


Apex Wipe prides itself on upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in being environment-friendly while enlightening people about sustainability and their social responsibility towards the planet.

Our Reviews

Our Customer Say’s

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Affordable Pricing

Apex Wipe Carpet cleaning did a great job cleaning our boat. Well priced and truly professional arrived Sun morning to help us out with our white carpet on our boat 5 star service from start to finish! Thank you!

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Premium Quality

Amazing service and highly professional staff. Was very concerned and honestly didn’t know much about the cleaning process. The representative on the phone explained patiently and gave me all the information needed. 

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Amazing Work

They did a Marvelous job!! A day after I called, they came and started working for my usual carpet that require cleaning and repairing. They could take the carpet immediately. The repairs and cleaning brought about a like-new energetic mat.
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